As a family of runners, our mission is to promote and encourage local running and racing from the ground up. Providing affordable races and timing brings the race experience to everyone in a family friendly environment. While we can time just about anything, our hearts are in the charity races that benefit local and national charities alike.

Be on the look out for us at many local Louisville running events. We can often be found at group runs, races, Cross Country and Track meets.

Not to be left out, our boys can often be seen helping at packet pick-up and handing out awards at races. We love having the whole family involved to some capacity as well as our amazing friends who we know we can depend on for anything we need. Bigfoot Timing truly is by the community for the community!


An active member of the running community, Kim spends her free time creating group runs, events, challenges and jumping in volunteer roles as needed. A trail runner at heart, she believes that running is for everyone and the woods are where the magic is. Look for her anywhere from a local 5k to an ultra race.


From an introduction to running cross country in 1998 on the Covington Middle School team, Josh has continued to challenge himself in new ways. Seeking to provide family friendly and affordable events to the Louisville running community is a strong motivator pressing him to make his skills and knowledge readily available. With years of experience managing, timing and directing a wide variety of running events, he is happy to help guide your event to the next level while leaving plenty of funds to left over to go to the beneficiary.


When not running cross country and track for her school, Gemma can be found helping at the start/finish lines. If you’re lucky, you may see her streak by you in a race. She’s started running in the first grade and has never looked back. When not running, she can be found cuddling her cat, T’Challa, and playing games with her brothers. Just don’t accept a Mario Kart challenge unless you are fully prepared.

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